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Two girls went on a walk until they came upon a dark forest. "Hey June wanna go and see if the legendary Slenderman is real?" Madison said to her bestfriend June. "W-why won't w-we just get l-lost?" June replyed with a shy tone. "Oh come on it will be fun!" Madison says and runs off in to the forest. "M-Madison! Wait for m-me!" June yells and runs after Madison. June walks around the dark forest looking for her friend as she does this she bumps into a tall tree. She falls over and yells. "P-please don't hurt m-me!!!" After a few seconds has passed she looks up and sees no one but the tree. "Just my imagination getting the best of me haha..." She laughs and gets up. She walks around the tree and just as she does this a shadow figure jumps out at her as it yells "Die!" Again June falls over and cries. "W-why did you d-do that M-Madison!" June yells at Madison who is now laughing on the floor. "I just can't help it! It was so funny the way your face was all like 'Ahhh please don't kill me!' Hahaha ahh.... I'm sorry i just can't help but scare you." Madison tells Jane trying to stop the laughing fit she just had. "I'm g-gonna go home. I c-could of had a heart a-attack." June says as she walks away from the laughing girl. "I-i'm so sorry June! I just can't help it!" Madison says and trys to get up. "Madison that is not funny." June turns around and yells at Madison for scaring her and Madison saying sorry thousands of times. "Lets just get out of here." June tells the blonde hair girl. "Um how are we supposed to do that if we are lost in slender's forest." Madison says in a wired but creepy voice. "Madison just shut up..." June says and looks off in the distance between Madison and the tall tree. "What are you looking at?" Madison says and turns to see what her friend is starting at. "I see something or...someone." June turns around and runs away and yells at Madison to get away from the thing in the distance. "There is nothing there!" Madison yells and runs after June. "YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN THIS FOREST!" A loud and creepy voice echoes from the distance. "GET OUT!" The same voice yells. "Madison I-i'm scared!" June says and starts to cry as Madison yells at June. "June now is not the time to be crying! Now is the time to ru-" Madison was cut off. June stops in her tracks and turns around to see if Madison was still running with her. To June's horror she sees her best friend in a tall slender man's hand. "MADISON!!!" June yells and falls backwards. Madison looks at her bestfriend one more time before the the Slenderman tore Madison apart. Her guts falling out of her small form, blood flying everywhere. Blood flew onto June's face and body. "NO!" June yells and gets up to run. June runs as fast as she can but she was to slow. Slenderman teleports in front of her and grabs her left arm in a tight grip. "P-please don't kill m-me!" June says and crys. The man with no face gripped her arm harder and broke the bone. "AHHH!" June yells as loud as she can and falls to the ground. "P-please stop! I-i did nothing t-to you!" June tells the man tears streaming down her face. Her eyes became red and puffy as she cried more and more from the pain. Slenderman then grabs her broken arm and pulled hard on it tearing the muscles and skin. The bone dislocated from the socket and blood started to spray. "AHHH PLEASE NO MORE!" June yells. Then June does something she will never do. "P-please...i g-give up...just k-kill me..." June has finally lost all hope in life that she just wants to die. June then remembers she has a pocket knife in her shorts. She then goes to grab the knife from her shorts and hold it in her right hand. The blade shines in the moon light as June held it in front of her throat. She then brings the blade down to stab her in the throat. She took it out as blood starts to spray onto Slenderman's face and body. He let go of her as her body whent limp...

News Report!

Two girls where found dead near the highway. One of them was named Madison Cane the other girl was known to everyone in the town known as June courtney. Madison was found torn apart, as for June her arm was broken and a pocket knife in her throat. They where found near the popular forest here in this town known as "Dark Forest." The FBI is not letting anyone go there. So you better cancel that trip you wanted to go to this place and stay home and in other reports...

Never go into a forest at night if you are just don't look behind you. If you do that is the last thing you will ever do...
Kitten had her head on Maria's lap when they heard a voice. "Maria what are you doing? We are supposed to be working. Not laying around like this!" A girl with short white hair, pink with purple mixed eyes, a short light blue skirt and a long white v-neck shirt, she had no shoes but she has a tattoo on both of her feet that looked like the sun and moon walked out of the shadows. "Sorry i was telling Kitten about us and i didn't get the chance to tell her my power." Maria looked at the woman then back at Kitten. "Fine. You can tell her. But you better start doing your job and that means look for any trace of Crimson." The women walked over to Kitten and pat her head. "I'm Jenna The Phantom Angel. But just call me Jenna." Jenna turned around and a pair of wings came out of her back. They looked like fariy wings instead of angel ones. She flys out the window. "Wanna hear my special power?" Maria says and smiles at Kitten. "Yes!" Kitten says wondering what it is. "Hahaha ok well my special power is flame towers. I make towers of fire." Kitten's face lit up with amazement. "Do i have a special power!?" Maria looks at her and pets her head. " Yes you do. Every Demon and Angel has one. We just don't know your's yet." Maria gets up and walks over to the window. A pair of angel wings came out of her lower back. She looked at Kitten one last time before she flew off in the night. "Clap,clap,clap. That was a cute little show there." Kitten jumps and turns around to see Jenna leaning on the wall. "I thought you left." Kitten asked and walks up to Jenna. "Oh i did i just came back watch ya'll talk." Kitten's eyebrow went up in suspension. "Are you gonna protect me like Maria from Crimson Zozo?" Kitten ask crossing her arms over her chest. "Yes but don't worry about me. Worry about the dark. That is when your pain will start." Kitten's eyes went wide. "The note did say every night that passes the pain will increase and the nightmares will become real..." Kitten lowered her head and looked at her scars on her wrist. "Kitten please forget the past those scars mean nothing now." Jenna sits down next to her and puts her hand over her wrist. "But the scars are my nightmare. It starts off as a normal day but after a few seconds i end up in the bathroom with the razor. Blood all over me, cuts on my arms, wrists and this reminds me of mother and father. When they got in a car wreck and got stuck in a coma. Then they died right in front of me...I blame myself for there death's...If i was there to tell them to watch out for that car then they will still be alive..." Kitten tells Jenna. "Hey its not your fault. The person that was driving the other car killed them." Jenna tried to keep Kitten from crying. But she falled. Tears fell down Kitten's soft pale skin. Her eyes became red and puffy as she cried more and more. "Kitten please stop crying. They don't want to see you sad like this." Jenna rubs Kitten's back and holds her hand. "B-but i can't. M-mother and f-father is g-gone..." Kitten sobs more and more. "H-hey i know what will make you feel better." Jenna tells Kitten. "W-what is i-it?" Kitten asks between sobs. "Do you wanna build a snowman?" Jenna says in a singing voice. Kitten looked at her with a 'really' face. "No i don't want to build a snowman and it's in the middle of summer." Kitten replies. "Just kidding. But do you want to fky with me?" Jenna asked for real this time. "F-fly!?" Kitten replyed with wide blue eyes. "Haha yes." Jenna said rubbing Kitten's head. "Well?" Jenna said holding her hand out. Kitten looked at her hand and reached out to grab it. When she did Jenna started to fly. Kitten grabs Jenna's shoulders and held on to them for dear life. "Calm down Kitten. You will get used to it." Jenna said in a soft voice. Kitten listed and made her grip softer. "T-this is fun!" Kitten says and giggles letting one hand go of Jenna's shoulder and reaches up to touch the sky. The sky a light red mixed with orange. The sun making it even more breath taking. Jenna sees a lake and dives down. Before they can touch the water Jenna pulled up to glide over the water. "Hey i see a koi fish!" Kitten says and looks at the beautiful orange and white koi fish. "Jenna." Kitten says in a happy tone. "Thank you. I really needed some cheering up and you delivered it." Jenna smiles and closes her eyes. "I really do want to keep you happy Kitten." Kitten smirks and lets go of Jenna her legs wrapping around Jenna's waist. "What are you doing?" Jenna says and looks at Kitten. She didn't respond and she let her uper half fall in the water. Opening her eyes she sees different kinds of fish. Kitten pulls herself up and laughs. Jenna smiles and giggles at her wiredness. Jenna then flys back to Kitten's little home. Kitten got off Jenna's back and jumped on her bed. Pulling the big soft red blanket over her chest she smiles and tells Jenna to keep her safe. "I will Kitten. Don't worry." Jenna then kissed Kitten's head and sat at the end of the bed. "Jenna. Did you hear about the new girl?" Jenna hears a voice and released it was Maria. "Shh she is trying to sleep." Jenna says and points to Kitten. "Sorry." Maria says and pulls up a chair to sit next to Jenna. "No i have not heard anything about that new girl you just said." Jenna says and crosses her arms. "Well i heard her name is Hazle. She can like control time. But only parts of it." Maria says and pulls out a photo of a girl with long brown hair and hazle eyes. "She looks kinda like Kitten." Maria nods in agreement. "But Hazle is still having trouble with her time powers." Maria says and puts the picture of Hazle up. "Lets just hope she gets better." Jenna says and looks at Kitten's sleeping body.
Kim's P.O.V

 Waking up in a soft bed i sat up to fast. Pain took over my body trying not to scream in pain i open my eyes. All i see is black i rase my hand to my head to feel bandages. Hearing heels running from the door i feel a set of hands on my chest push me back in to the soft bed and a soft voice saying " Please, Dont sit up miss i dont want you to get hurt even more." sadness was in her voice. I asked for her name" W-what is y-your name m-miss?" She took her hands off my chest and sat next to me putting her hand on my head and say " My name is Ichiko but you can call me Rose." She kissed my head to say everything is ok and im in a safe place to be, next to my new bestfriend Rose.....The door was kicked opened by two people May & Lee. My mom came over to me and hugged me i knew she was faking it in front of other people, pretending to be a perfect mother and Lee he just takes after her footsteps. May said in my ear in a mad voice " Your going to be in the basement for a year if you tell anyone what happend do i make myself clear?" I smile and nod my head saying i understand her. She let go of me and look at Rose. " Do you have a job to do maybe take care of a sick kid?" She yelled at Rose making her sad i know this from her sad energy and sadness from her voice " O-ok i'll get out of your hair...." I feel Rose leave the room and close the door to say she left........

                                                                                     May's P.O.V

What is wrong with her why did Lee plant her seed in me. I sigh and look at Kim" You have a few days and your coming home with us ok duma**?" Looking at the door her Doctor came in and told us to leave the room looking at Lee he looked at the door. I walked over to him and grab his hand. Walking away from Kim's room i say to Lee "Do you really want to keep her? She is such a stupid little girl." Lee tense up a little. "Do you really think she is that stupid?" I looked at him with a 'do you really want to question my own words' look. "Never mind." Lee looks away and lets go of my hand. "Ladies first." Lee opens the door to the car. "Why that is a nice thing to do." I get in and Lee gets in the drivers side and drives off back to the house. When i get in the room i turn on the tv to watch some show.
New Friend
Kim found a new friend will she keep her safe or put her in more danger?
Kitten woke up with a sweaty face. Her red and brown hair sticking to her forehead and her heart racing from the nightmare she just had. She holds her hand over her chest starting to fell sick. Getting up from the bed as fast as she can she runs to the bathroom looking in the mirror seeing her face all red a small cut on her cheek. She looks around the bathroom for alittle band aid but finds a note. "Look who woke up! Little kitty why the scared face? Oh don't worry love you will find out what that nightmare means in afew months but for now you will just have to live with them! I hope you are ready because the dreams will be real and more scarier each time the night passes so don't be so happy!!!Love-Crimson Zozo~" In fear Kitten rips up the note trying to clear her head from what she just read. Throwing it in the trashcan she ran strate to her room. Her chest lifting up and falling down at a fast pace. "Please Kitten calm down." She heard a soft voice say her name. Looking around her room for the person who just spoke was not to be found. "W-who are you?" Kitten says. "I am Maria The Laughing Angel. You can just call me Maria." Kitten's eyes widen. "An a-angel!?" Kitten says loudly."Yes i am a angel but im just here to help protect you from that devil Crimson Zozo." Maria comes out of the dark. Her long black hair tied in a cute bun,her brown eyes look like they are full of life, a long v-neck dress with the colors of blue mixed with purple and a white ribin to go on her waste. "Why are you portecting me?" Kitten asked her blue and red eyes glowing alittle."You are an important person Kitten. Have you ever wonder why your eyes are like that?" kitten shakes her head in a no motion. "Well the red one is from your demon side and the blue one means it's the angel side of you." Maria smiles and helps Kitten with the stuff she does not know. Kitten learned that all of the angels have one power that is special and if they use it for bad once they will be fored to go and work with Crimson Zozo the top devil in hell right next to Satan. "But why do i have both demon and angel in my body?" Kitten goes back to the part with her eyes. "To tell you the truth i don't evn know myself. I'm sorry but that is all i know of." Kitten looks down at her hands and makes a fist. "What will happen when i'm dead Maria?" Kitten asks looking Maria in the eyes. "Well about that. You are a special kind of creature and you are far from being a normal human. Even if you have normal parents that doesn't change anything. As for death well you can't die. Angel's and Demon's can't eather so we are in the same boat right?" Maria looks at Kitten smiling. Kitten looks back at her and give's her one of her famous closed eyes smiles. "You know your really not that bad maria. I really want to be best friends with you if you want." maria looks at her and gives her a big hug. "Yes i want to be best friends Kitten!" Kitten was alittle surprised but then she hugged her back.
Circle Of Angel's: Maria The Laughing Angel
Kitten is a demon and an angel but she was born in the human world. The angel's are trying to help keep Kitten safe from the top devil right next to Satan.
Kim's P.O.V

My name is kim now i know i may look like a normal girl but im not. Im a girl with a story a story you will never forget........It all started with my mom and dad their names are May and Lee Trueheart but when i was born the loved me when i turnd 8 years old they hated me all my life i hated them back! mom she will cut me untill i fall asleep from bloodloss Lee he will do bad stuff to me. When i go to school the kids look at me funny tell lies about me and even bully me and all i do is cry and cut myself. But all of this change on my 16th birthday. The day i got the worst gift of my life Lee he took me to the basement and slaped me in the face. I fell off the stairs and almost broke my leg.

Crying in pain i see May make her way from the doorway to me and she had a knife in her hand she grabed my jaw and stabbed the knife in my cheeks. Cutting my teeth, tongue, and gums blood flooing out of my body i close my eyes in pain crying out for someone to help me. I open my eyes to see my dad in front of me he put his hand on top of my left eye and started to pull the right one out of its socket. I was screaming bloody murder just as i was going to fall concessions i hear someone yelling and hitting the door after that i fell in to a deep sleep of nightmares.......
The Beginning
Kim The Angel Of Death. Tue story of a girl who was pushed to far by her parents and bullies.


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